For years, you may have heard talks or read information regarding the new world order. Whatever you have read or heard regarding the new world order. Very much had some truth to it or tainted with some false information. To completely hide the truth and the real agenda for the human race. The new world order is real and has been gradually inplemented over the years. The entire purpose of the new world order being inplemented, is population control, along with a slave human robot race in society. These evil forces want total control of this earth and the entire human race! The religious brainwashing and mind control of all Christian, Islam based religions. Indeed are in fact, being used to usher people into The New World Order. The Christian Churches, The Nation Of Islam, teach their members to pray for the coming of this New World Order. They all have that wish and desire for this new world to take place. The many prayers and religious songs, are flooded with details of The New World Order, hidden in plain sight. Prime example -- The Jehovah's Witnesses very bible, prayers and teachings are directly in that manner. Their Bible is titled --- The New World Translation Of The Holy Scriptures. They always pray, teach and talk about --- The New System --- The New World. All directly tied to The New World Order! All these religions are used as conditioning and mind control to create a docile human race. Obey no matter what or who is in charge, eat, work hard, raise a family, go to your place of worship, without critical thinking or questioning. Below is a updated status of new world order being inplemented as of now.

1-- Surveillance Technology

Smart Phones, The Internet, WiFi, 5G, Social Networks, Surveillance Cameras, Credit Cards, Bank Cards, Bank Transactions, Store Transactions, Your Drivers License Barcode, Your License Plate Barcode, Surveillance/Spy Technology Equipped Law Enforcement Headquaters/Vehicles, Computers, Televisions, Smart Meters, Light Bulbs, Dental Implants, Dental Fillings, Automobiles, Scan Codes and more to come! All used to keep track on your every move and share everything private about your personal business.

2-- Organized Control

Religions, World Political Leaders, Jobs, Money, Wars, Diseases, Man Made Natural Disasters, Debt, Law Enforcement, Homes, Food, Water, Medicine, Resources, Mind Control. All used to keep the human race under control, like a herd of cattle on a farm. The entire purpose of the human race is to be used as a workforce slave race. The entire purpose of the coronavirus and social distancing is to condition us to become a permanent slave. It is evident and proven true to the exact fact, that people are complying to fear. Becoming more fearful of each other and less trusting of each other. Along with creating mental and social disorders among the human race. Successfully implementing the most powerful evil demise upon the human race, without one gun shot being fired! Stay distant from each other, while they divide and conquer the human race. Temperature check devices and all scan devices are conditioning us to accept the implanted microchip. The final ingredient to becoming a permanent robot slave! You will not be able to work, buy or sell, unless you completely comply and accept the official mark of the Reptilian Beast Empire System!