Money is designed to control you and to keep you in debt! The entire financial institution is a rip off, scam and a big lie! They steal from you daily with wages, taxes and interest rates! The entire United States Of America is founded and created from theft at the highest degree. The entire country was stolen from the Native American Indians. Then constructed by stolen people, used as slaves. Then say God Bless America and put in God We Trust on money. Do you think that a Almighty Loving Superior God would appreciate this? It really means, hidden in plain sight, it's in their Evil Reptilian God they trust!  But yet they will prosecute you, if you steal from them! The entire coronavirus pandemic, is a tool being used to implement a cashless society. Pushing digital currency each day, as they continue to roll out the technology to get it done. Digital money apps, credit cards, bank cards and more are being used. All designed to control us financially!