We have trusted them for years, to serve, protect us and keep us safe. Sadly, this was never the true plan and intentions of law enforcement. The true origin of law enforcement, was created to control and round up run away slaves. Control of slave workers for those in power. Those in power, would gather a group of individuals and pay them to carry out any duty they wanted done. Law Enforcement : means to enforce all laws and orders created by their superiors. Regardless of what law is placed in society or orders given by their superiors. Their job is to fully enforce those laws and orders! Regardless of the situation and outcome! They took a legal sworn oath to do so! The very tax dollars that we pay, to this organization has been a scam all along. Over the years we have been sacrificing our rights, law after law. This has been a well planned movement to a imprisonment lifestyle, for everyone in this society. IT IS ABOUT TAKING AWAY YOUR RIGHTS! WITH CONTROL AND POWER OVER YOU!