Today, we are in a world where corruption and evil is at a all time high. There are many activist groups and various militia groups that are coming forward. These groups are portraying to be for a good cause. However, some of these same groups are puppet groups that are being used by the illuminati empire. These groups are fulfilling a hidden agenda to implement chaos, divisions, racism, wars and violence among the human race. Therefore, be very wise and careful on choosing which groups to join! The future, the human race, your life and freedom depends on what side you choose! In conclusion! We are not affiliated with any of the groups, that you have seen on the national or local news. Such as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Boogaloo Movement, Proud Boys, any private militia group or terrorist group. We work in ways that you could never know. You will never find all of us, but if you are evil, WE WILL ALWAYS SEE YOU, FIND YOU AND EXPOSE YOU!!!!