What is a targeted individual? A targeted individual is a person, who has been labeled as a threat, to exposing the evil and corruption in this system. These individuals have no criminal history. Some have been wrongfully prosecuted and even secretly murdered. They are deliberately falsely accused and marked as criminals in society. Today there are thousands of targeted individuals! They are being stalked and harassed on a relentless daily basis. By means of surveillance technology, cellphones, law enforcement, drug cartels, evil employers, evil politicians, evil lawyers, evil school teachers, evil doctors, evil relationship partners, evil family members, evil friends, evil neighbors, evil religious leaders, evil satanic organizations and so much more! Being directed and done by Freemasons and all their fraternities and sororities. Along with many other secret societies, making up the Illuminati Empire. They are very evil, controlled by Evil God's, Evil Extraterrestrial Reptilian Beings, Demonic Entities from another realm and planet. In regards to the situation that you see with the virus and protests right now. Massive attacks have really increased on already targeted individuals. Racism and religion has been used as a tool to create various divisions on this earth. It was never about race from the very beginning. It is all about control. They want a race of dumbed down, docile humans on this planet that they can control with a iron fist rulership. If you do not comply or conform and obey. You will indeed become a targeted individual!

Signs that you are a targeted individual:

1- Being followed, stalked and harassed by foot or vehicles of strange people and law enforcement. These vehicles can be marked or unmarked law enforcement vehicles. Other vehicles used : are vehicles with masonic emblems mostly located on the rear of the vehicle or masonic license plates, vehicles with sorority or fraternity emblems, stickers usually located in the rear of the vehicle or front tags with the sorority or fraternity logo, your local city /county or state service vehicles, vehicles without license plates, vehicles from used car lots with the used car dealership advertisement tag in the rear and rental vehicles. Motorcycles, rtvs, 4 wheelers, bicycles, etc are used as well.

2- Relentless harassment, sabotage, hostility, at your place of employment from your boss or co-workers. Being constantly passed over for job promotions or higher pay. Usually setting you up for situations, to make sure you get fired from your job or forcing you to quit, because of the abnormally high stress you have to face daily on the job.

3- You are the victim of false rumors and accusations. Such as being a terrorist, a drug dealer, a thief, a prostitute, a pervert, a violent person, a stalker, a rapist, a child molester, having sexual transmitted diseases, a alcoholic, a drug addict or being mentally ill.

4- Constantly denied job interviews, unable to get a job or one that you qualify for. Only able to get hired for very low pay jobs. 

5- Your life has been financially ruined, by many of the things listed here above.

6- Hearing relentless gunshots being fired close to your home, daytime or at night.

7- Vandalism / theft of your vehicle or home. Incidents of deliberate sabotage to the dirt road or paved street to your home, to make it difficult everyday for you to get to your home or tear up your vehicle. Done with city/county/state road service vehicles and workers. Along with individuals on motorcycles, rtvs, 4 wheelers and etc.

8- People abnormally starring at you, being abnormally rude or hostile to you in public for no reason. The stores you shop at for items you need or your favorite items, will disappear from those stores. All done to create as much inconvenience and discomfort in your life as much as possible.

9-  Airplanes or Helicopters constantly flying abnormally low over your home.

10- Your computer has been hacked or cellphone tapped. Getting tons of phone calls from hidden phone numbers, mostly at times when you are busy or trying to sleep. People having excuses for having the wrong number or not saying anything if you answer the phone. Incidents occur when your phone only rings once, with each harassing phone call. Missing or opened mail and packages delivered to your mailbox or doorstep.

11- Your cat or dog has been kidnapped or viciously mauled or murdered.

12- Large trucks or vehicles have tried to hit you or run you off the road. Large dangerous objects placed in the road ahead of you to make you have a fatal accident, while driving at night. Vehicle's deliberately driving less than a foot at the rear of your vehicle on the highway. Deliberately getting behind you and turning on their high beam headlights to intimidate or provoke you. Deliberately using high beam headlights to cause visual problems, while abnormally driving close to the rear of your vehicle at night. All done mostly in isolated time frames on the highway, where no one can be a witness to the events.

13- Your spouse, relationship partner all of suddenly turns on you and leave you because of all the rumors or accusations against you. Family members likewise do the same to you. Because the rumors and accusations are so thoroughly presented to seem true about you.

14- Some nights you go outside at night, you hear dogs howling, evil barking and making unusual supernatural sounds.

15- You are constantly denied legal help  in the judicial system, even if you have a legitimate legal case. If a lawyer takes your case, you will be charged extremely high fees for their service. Your case will be dragged on for years and will never be settled.

16- You have to wait abnormally extended long times for medical and doctors appointments. You will be the last one for them to see. They will use you as an experiment with unneeded surgeries and give you experimental prescription drugs. That will cause more harm to you and your health. Eventually secretly leading to your death, without proof or blame.

17- You are always charged abnormally high fees for home repairs, vehicle repairs and they will in return give you very poor work and service. Your electric bill, water bill, gas bill will always be abnormally high.

18- You will be treated strange or get isolation treatment at your place of worship, by the minister and congregation members.

19- Your child will be singled out , picked on or bullied relentlessly in the educational school system. By school teachers and fellow students. Along with being treated as an outcast among other students.

20- Individuals will come into your life, just to get close to you. Learn as much as they can about you and then eventually disappear. After they have learned all the details of your personal life. They will pretend to be your friend or a potential relationship partner. They will usually be nice in the beginning and then eventually start being very evil after they have gained your trust. Their job is to come into your life, destroy you personally and leave. Most cases, they use very attractive men or women to accomplish their goal. It's a psychological tactic they use, to destroy your self esteem and ruin you for any potential future friendships and relationships.

In conclusion, the bottom line is to destroy that individuals life. Leaving them financially ruined, their reputation ruined, isolated without any close true friends or family members. Ruin and destroy any chance of you dating or marrying anyone. With their entire aim is to kill you and if they are unsuccessful killing you. They will continue to harass and force you to do something, violent or unlawful to fully prosecute you. They want you behind bars, homeless or to cause you to have a mental breakdown and commit suicide.