In this world today! There are thousands of children being kidnapped, molested, raped, abused and murdered. Sad to say, some of the very people that we trust with our children, betray us and commit these sinister acts on children. Majority of the school systems are flooded with child molesters. Child molesters are also rampant in religious organizations, law enforcement, political arena, medical field and the entertainment industry. Sinister acts that are being carried out on thousands of children today. Have a complete connection, to this very evil system set up to control and manipulate the human race. These evil forces that control this evil system on this planet. They are directly tied to unspeakable sexual acts, blood rituals and sacrificial rituals regarding children. These evil forces feed off of children's fear, flesh and blood for their survival. It is imperative now that you completely remove your children from the educational system immediately. Do not any longer let them vaccinate your children. For the parents that have awakened to what is going on in this society. They will eventually come for your children. Do not comply under no circumstances! Your children are your responsibility as a parent! It is your duty and only your responsibility to protect, love, teach, feed and provide in every way for your children. Children are being used as a harvest for this system! They need your children for survival! Do not any longer give your children to the beast system. More information will soon be added regarding this matter!